Septic Pumping Greer South Carolina: Factors That Affect Your Pumping Schedule

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Septic Pumping Greer South Carolina: Factors That Affect Your Pumping Schedule

Septic pumping is a vital part of septic system maintenance that many people neglect. The septic tank and septic system are usually buried underground, so it’s not always easy to see when it needs attention. To do its job correctly, your tank needs to be periodically emptied of its solid. In this blog post, we will discuss different factors that will affect your pumping schedule and when you should pump your septic tank.

Tank Size

The size of your tank can impact your septic tank pumping schedule because the smaller the tank, the quicker it will fill up, meaning it will need to be pumped more frequently. For the most part, the septic tank is determined by the size of the home and the household it will hold. However, your home may have had an addition to allow for extra bedrooms, increasing the household size your tank was originally designed to hold. For this reason, the size of your septic tank can impact your suggested pumping schedule.

Household Size

One of the main factors in determining your pumping schedule is the size of your household. The more people that are in your home, the greater waste will be produced. As a result, larger households will need their septic tanks pumped more frequently to address this extra waste.

Water Usage

The water usage in your home will affect the frequency at which you need to pump your septic tank since the more water you use; the more wastewater will be created that your septic system will have to work on. The size of your household will impact water usage, but it’s not the only factor. If you make attempts to save water in your home, you will need to pump your tank less often.

Stay Clean with Septic Pumping

General Use

If you use your septic system properly, you will need to pump it less frequently than if you don’t. If you flush things you shouldn’t down the toilet, such as cat poo or feminine products, you will need to pump your tank more frequently to get rid of these items that can damage your tank. If you dump food and grease down your kitchen sink, these items will also cause more frequent pumping. If you generally take care of your septic system, you’ll need to pump it less often.

Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, it will greatly affect your septic tank pumping schedule. Septic system companies advise against having garbage disposal if you have a septic tank because allowing food into your septic tank will disrupt the tank’s bacteria balance. This balance of bacteria is responsible for properly breaking down the solids in the tank. However, if you choose to have a garbage disposal, you will need to pump your tank much more frequently because waste in your tank will not break down as easily.

Recommended Timeframe for Scheduling Septic Pumping Service

For best results, it is recommended that most households schedule a septic pumping appointment at least once every two to four years. Properties with a small tank or a large number of family members will need to pump every year or two, while those with bigger tanks and less water usage can wait a little longer between services. If it has been five years or longer since your last appointment, then it is vital that you contact a professional septic tank pumping company as soon as possible.

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