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Septic Pumping Near Me

No matter the size of your septic tank, it will eventually reach capacity and need to be pumped. This isn’t something you can complete on your own – you need to call in a professional to properly empty the tank and ensure that your system continues to function as needed. This is one of the many services our experienced technicians at SC Septic offer. Pumping removes all liquid and sludge from the tank in a way that’s fast, safe, sanitary, and good for the environment. The waste we remove in this manner is taken to a publicly owned wastewater treatment facility where it can be processed and the water can be treated and reclaimed for use in a number of other applications.

At SC Septic, you can depend on us for reliable septic pumping services. We’re ready to root around in the muck to ensure that your home remains safe and secure from any potential issues that could leave more than a little mess. We make it our mission to extend the life of your septic system – without proper maintenance, your system could get backed up, your drains could stop working, and your entire property could experience some truly nasty smells and seepage. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and professionally trained to ensure we offer your home the finest services available. You don’t have to run around the internet searching for “septic pumping near me” – we will send the nearest technician to your property in a hurry. We keep your septic system clean, flowing smoothly, and ready to service your home’s needs for years in the future.

Septic Pumping Near Me
Septic Pumping Near Me
Greer Septic Pumping Companies​

Greer Septic Pumping Companies

SC Septic has been providing homeowners in Greer, South Carolina with the best and most efficient septic tank pumping services for over a decade. We’re well known throughout South Carolina as one of the leading Greer Septic Tank Pumping Companies, and the glowing recommendations from our dedicated customers do all the talking for our company and the standards we uphold. SC Septic is your faithful partner for all of your septic tank pumping requirements. Our team is dedicated to committing itself to excellent customer service and superior septic pumping.

Keep your septic tank in working order by ensuring it’s pumped on a regular basis. We train all of our service professionals on the correct pumping techniques, tank inspections, and proper disposal methods, meeting your septic pump needs quickly and hassle-free.

What does maintenance look like for your septic tank? Each case is different depending on your household tendencies and septic tank size, but generally the average household septic system should be inspected by a professional at least every three years. Tanks are typically pumped every three to five years to ensure proper performance in the future, though the more advanced the system and its components, the more frequently it should be checked by a septic expert. We’ll carefully examine your system, make any necessary repairs or upkeep services, answer all your questions and discuss your system’s needs, and make sure your septic system will be dependable down the road.

Contact us today to ensure that your septic tank system will continue to operate at peak efficiency. Call us to discuss your septic tank maintenance needs, or use the form to the right to conveniently request a free quote.

Can I pump my septic tank?

Sludge buildup in your septic tank as wastewater is processed will inevitably need to be pumped out. While some believe that septic systems require no maintenance, the truth is that in order for your septic system to function properly, your septic tank should be inspected and pumped on a regular basis. The EPA suggests that septic tanks be pumped every 3 years. Septic Tank pump outs can cost anywhere from $250 to $750. While this expense is significantly less expensive than paying a monthly bill through public utilities – tight budgets can make it hard for a household to afford a pump out when the need arises. Some septic owners consider the idea of DIY septic tank pumping to save the additional costs, but there are a few risks involved in doing so that you should consider.


1. Legal ramifications. It’s important to understand that while there are many online resources for DIY septic pumping, that the state of South Carolina requires that septic pump outs be performed by a permitted and registered septic tank contractor.


2. Environmental impact & disposal. Even if you make the conscious decision to pump your septic tank on your own – what would you do with the waste? Part of the fee that you pay to have your septic tank pumped out includes the proper treatment and disposal of that waste. Septic experts typically have facilities that can properly treat the waste and have the appropriate vehicles to transport the waste to a wastewater management facility. Improper waste disposal by you or other unauthorized individuals can result in unhealthy situations and be the cause of environmental pollution that can contribute to pollution, toxic algae blooms and increased nitrogen in our local waterways.

3. Inspections. Hiring a licensed and certified septic contractor means that they’ll have comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings and architecture of your septic tank. Rather than just pumping your waste from the tank, they’ll be able to take a look at your drain field and how your septic system as a whole is functioning. Their expertise can pinpoint potential issues with your drain field and help you better understand the maintenance required for your septic system to operate effectively.

Although the investment to inspect and pump your septic tank on a regular basis may appear to be a financial burden, it can go a long way to helping your septic system operate optimally for years to come. It may help you to develop a monthly budget. Saving a few dollars here and there can quickly add up and, when the time comes, you’ll be able to have your septic tank pumped out by an expert you can trust. To learn more about the care, maintenance and operation of your home septic system, give SC Septic a call today.

Can I pump my septic tank​

Local Septic Pumping

Your septic system has a very important job. It keeps waste moving away from your home or business space. A typical septic tank is a large buried rectangular or cylindrical container made of concrete or plastic. Your septic tank acts like a huge filter with two major parts: the tank and drain field.  Wastewater from your toilets, sinks, washing machines, and showers enter the septic tank from your home.  Waste goes in, solids settle to the bottom and lighter material like fat, and grease float on top while wastewater flows out to the leech field. It is important to pump your tank every 2-3 years. 

Over time the solids on the bottom of the tank begin to build up and the grease layer on top gets thick and hard. It is vital to the function of the tank to remove the material to keep it working at optimum capacity and keep thick material from escaping the tank and clogging your leech field. This is when you need to look for a septic service near me like SC Septic.  

We recommend pumping septic tanks every 2-3 years. Newer septic tanks also have a filter that need to be cleaned every 6 months. This is done by simply opening the tank, pulling it out, and spraying it down completely with a garden hose.

Your partners in septic care service are SC Septic. Our Local Septic Pumping team in Greer, South Carolina makes it easy to handle proper maintenance and emergency repairs. Speak with us today about your septic system needs!

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Septic Pumping​
Emergency Septic Pumping​
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Emergency Septic Pumping

Failing septic systems are potentially hazardous to your family, your neighbors, and your pets. Failing septic systems can also cause viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens from fecal waste to enter local waterways. So taking action quickly is crucial. We understand scheduling septic tank pumping, especially during an emergency, can be a hassle. If you need an Emergency Septic Cleaning, SC Septic is here for you. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your emergency septic cleaning services in the Greer, South Carolina area.

When to Call for Emergency Septic Pumping

There are several signs your septic system may require emergency septic cleaning. Below are the most common signs.

  • Your toilets and drains are backing up: backed up toilets and drains are other surefire indications that you’re in need of emergency septic services. To help protect your family from becoming exposed to hazardous septic waste, you’ll want to have your septic system repaired immediately.
  • Your drain field is flooding: in some cases, emergency septic issues may not appear inside of your home, but outside. If you are experiencing pooling water near your septic tank or drain field, that’s a sure sign something is wrong with your septic system.
  • Sewage odor in your plumbing fixtures: when your toilets and drains are backing up, they may begin to emit foul odors.

These signs are most commonly caused by infrequent septic cleaning and maintenance. If you’re experiencing these signs, contact SC Septic. One of our septic system technicians will head to your Greer property immediately, inspect your system, and diagnose the exact cause.

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