Hiking, Dog Park, & Viewing Nature: Things to do in Pelham Mill Park

Hiking, Dog Park, & Viewing Nature: Things to do in Pelham Mill Park

Pelham Mill Park is a great place to go if you are looking for an outdoor adventure or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. With Pelham Mill Park, you will have the opportunity to explore nature in its purest form. You can take your dog on a walk through the dog park, hike along with one of the many trails that lead deep into the woods, or simply sit by one of the many ponds and watch as Pelham Mill Park’s wildlife passes by. The possibilities are endless!

About Pelham Mill Park

Home to one of the first textile mills in Greenville County, there are scenic and historic elements that liken it to Falls Park downtown. The Upstate was largely shaped by the textile industry, and just as Falls Park contains the ruins of a grist mill, Pelham Mill Park contains the remnants of a cotton mill. Evidence of a complex series of stone and brick foundations span the floodplain, shoals, and terrace that overlook the Enoree River. These ruins are accessible to visitors, though be warned – with steep, muddy footpaths, tall grass, and an unfortunate abundance of trash & poison ivy, extreme caution should be exercised when exploring the site.

The Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission donated the thirteen acres to Greenville County in 1988. Seven acres have been added through a partnership with Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority, and the master plan for the park includes interpretive signage, picnic sites, and a walking bridge spanning the river that would provide access to trails along the Enoree River. One aspect of the plan which has been completed is the dog park, and a second that is currently in the works is the restoration of the former Pelham Mill Post Office.

Things to do in Pelham Mill Park

 Walk the 30-minute loop around Pelham Mill Park

– Chill in a hammock at one of the trees near Pelham Mill Park

– Take your dog to Pelham Mill’s off-leash (dog-friendly) area 

– Explore old mill ruins along the Enoree River. The remains date back to 1809 and are hard to miss from afar or up close, depending on what you’re looking for. For example, if you want an easy walk through beautiful greenery while also learning about history, start with exploring Pelham Mills’ site before walking down beside it towards Blossom Street where there is more public space and fewer ruined buildings.

Tips for visiting with kids or dogs

  • There are no restrooms in Pelham Mill Park. Carry a jug of water with you to refill your water bottle or camelback out on the trail.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times in this dog park and should not disturb any wildlife (e.g., deer, ground hogs).
  • Bring some kibble for your pup if they need more food than what is provided at the dog park’s dispenser. 

Pictures of what to expect while exploring the park and its trails

It’s a beautiful day to explore Pelham Mill Park!  The Enoree River flows along the park, and there are old mill ruins throughout. There is also an easy walking trail that makes for nice strolls in the woods or can be used as part of your regular exercise routine. Dogs aren’t left out either – they have their own designated areas at Pelham Mill Park which includes no leash restrictions if you want to let them loose and enjoy some off-leash time with your pup!

There are plenty of shady spots in this picturesque spot but no playground equipment so it might not be ideal for young kids who need somewhere to run around after being cooped up inside on sunny days like today. 

Parking at Pelham Mill Park

Parking is free and there are no restrooms at the park. The visitor center, which houses a museum, gift shop, bookstore, and trails office for maps of all Pelham Mill Park hiking trails can be accessed from this parking lot as well.

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