Suber's Corn Mill: Visit This Historic Site Where the Old Ways of Making Food Still Exist

Suber's Corn Mill: Visit This Historic Site Where the Old Ways of Making Food Still Exist

Suber’s Corn Mill is a historic site that has been around for over 100 years. Why should you visit this mill? The Suber’s corn mill was built in 1908 and is still grinding corn using water power. Located in Greer, South Carolina, Suber’s mill welcomes visitors to come and see how the old ways of making food are still alive. What can you find at Suber Corn Mills? Visitors can also enjoy seeing some of the antique tools used by farmers to make their living before electricity!

Suber's Corn Mill History

Suber’s Corn Mill, located in Greer, has been owned and operated by the same family since 1908. However, Suber’s have been operating mills near the present site since before the Civil War.

James A. Suber established a sawmill and whiskey still near this location on a branch of the Enoree River called Princess Creek prior to the war. Suber then served in the Confederate army and added a gristmill to his complex upon his return from the war.

Suber’s son, Walter H. Suber, succeeded his father in running the business and built this gristmill around 1908. The same mill has been grinding corn for over 100 years by four generations of Subers.

The corn that is processed here is turned into cornmeal, grits, and animal feed and is sold locally. Not much has changed at Suber’s Mill since its doors opened. The buildings are original, and the mill uses water power to grind the cornmeal before being packaged and weighed by hand.


This mill is located at 2002 Suber Mill Road, south of US 29 on Cr 540, then left on Suber Mill Road in Greer, which is northeast of Greenville. The mill is on the left downhill before crossing the stream.

Activities in Suber's Corn Mill

– Visit the mill and watch as corn is ground using water power from a large wheel.

– Walk around to learn about corn, see how it grows in South Carolina, and see its many uses for food production (including sugary treats).

– Snacks are available at the snack bar.  

The corn mills at Suber's Corn Mill

Suber’s Corn Mill is the last of a dying breed. Located in Greer on Suber’s mill Road, just a short drive from downtown Greenville, it rests on the slope of a hardwoods-covered hill in UPcountry and relies completely upon gravity to provide power via an old fashioned water wheel system that spins for hours at a time without stopping – thanks to its constant supply of running water!

Driven by a wheel, gears, pulleys, and shafts turn slowly inside the wooden building. Shelled corn is fed into a chute on top and gravity sends it tumbling to the crushing millstones below. One floor down, the fine white powder emerges where it is bagged and stacked for sale.

The Suber’s Corn Mill has everything you need to make your own meal from scratch, like fresh ground grains and nutritious baking flour. Although it primarily sells its products wholesale to restaurants in Atlanta and Charleston, visitors are encouraged to come during their open hours (Saturday) between 9 AM to 3 PM.

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