Food and Fun at the Greer Farmers Market

Food and Fun at the Greer Farmers Market

The Greer Farmers Market is a community event that offers Greer residents and visitors access to locally grown produce, baked goods, food products, and hand-crafted items. Come for the fresh seasonal produce from local farms; stay for the activities for kids or to let them play on the lawn while you enjoy some of our many delicious snacks. Friendly leashed pets are welcome too!

What you will love Greer Farmers Market

Support Farming Families – Eat seasonal fresh produce from local farmers. Your purchases help support families.

Community Partnerships – Working with local businesses and organizations to bring you the best experience at your farmers market. 

Health & Wellness – Fitness classes, chef demos, kids activities & more offer you a fun community event in beautiful downtown Greer

What you can find and buy at the market?

Seasonal produce from local farms.

  • Baked goods, food products, and handcrafted items. 
  • Activities for the kids like games or petting zoo (picnic on the lawn). 
  • Family-friendly, community event with free Wi-Fi, greenery, and shade trees. 

You can find everything you need at Greer Farmers Market: You will be able to buy seasonal produce from local farms like spinach and strawberries as well as baked goods including pie crusts and muffins that are all made locally! There will also be handcrafted items such as jewelry for moms or clothes for kids available too so don’t forget your wallet because they have many vendors with a variety of products there! 


The benefits of shopping at a farmers market for your health, wallet, and community

Greer Farmers Markets is a great way to connect with the community and find fresh, locally grown produce. 

  • You get to support local farmers by buying from their stand at the market. The Greer farmer’s market is open rain or shine year-round under the cover of an air-conditioned building for your convenience. 
  • The Greer farmers market also hosts activities that kids love so you can enjoy some time with them as well as pick up what they need.
  • Greer farmers market offers a large variety of products. They have seasonal produce from local farms, baked goods, food products, and handcrafted items. 
  • Greer farmers market is a family-friendly and community event where you can picnic on the lawn or let your kids play with their pets. 
  • Greer Farmers Markets give customers access to small businesses in Greer such as pet stores and restaurants that provide quality services to those who live locally.
  • Although there are many other vendors at Greer’s marketplace like British bakery, blacksmith furniture, etc., these vendors offer unique handmade crafts unlike anything else found elsewhere in the area so it might be worth visiting for this reason alone. Sometimes they’ll even have demonstrations! 

How to prepare food with fresh ingredients

This is a great time of year to start preparing your food with fresh ingredients. Here are some tips to get you started:

• Make sure vegetables and fruits have been washed before using them, whether they come from the grocery store or if you’ve purchased them at the farmers market. The greeneries should be clean with no traces of dirt on their leaves. 

• Wash produce in cold water and dry it completely before storing it – don’t rinse anything that will go into raw dishes like salads; these items need to stay wet until consumption because bacteria may grow otherwise!

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