What to Do in The Event of an Emergency Septic Service

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What to Do in The Event of an Emergency Septic Service

You’ve done everything right by taking care of your septic tank and having it pumped, cleaned, inspected regularly – but an emergency has happened. Not to panic! There are emergency services that can help you get out of this jam. After all, it’s not just the emergency service that helps in these cases. You need to be ready with information on what you should do during a septic tank emergency.

Warning Signs Your Septic System Needs Emergency Septic Service

If you pay attention, you’ll have a bit of a warning as to when your septic system might possibly fail on you, allowing you to take action and possibly avoid an emergency. Specifically, you’ll want to keep your eyes, ears, and nose open for:

  • Fixtures that are slow to drain
  • Gurgling in your plumbing system
  • Foul odors coming from the drain field area after rain or heavy water use
  • Water backing up into your basement
  • Septic tank or plumbing backups
  • Standing water in the drain field

Preventative Steps to Take To Save Your Septic System

Don’t Try to Fix Anything Yourself – Although it will be tempting to try to fix your septic problem, at least temporarily, instead of calling for a potentially expensive repair – DON’T DO IT. If you’re having an issue inside the house, like a gurgling toilet or clogged drain, trying to fix it yourself could possibly cause a sewage backup. Septic material is extremely toxic, so avoiding a backup should be your number one priority. Call a septic tank emergency service at the first sign of any issues.

Don’t Clean Up Raw Sewage Yourself – If you have a septic tank backup, either inside or outside, don’t try to clean it yourself. Raw septic waste is extremely toxic and shouldn’t be touched. It would be best if you also weren’t breathing it in. That’s why it’s imperative to call an emergency septic system company as soon as possible. Trained professionals with special equipment will need to clean up the backup.

Don’t Use the Water in Your Home – Once you’ve realized you have a septic tank issue, stop using the water in your house and call a professional right away. If you have a leak in your tank or the connecting pumps, the water coming from your taps could be tainted. To err on the side of caution, do not use the water until you’ve consulted with a professional.

Check for an Unpleasant Odor – A foul odor is usually the first thing you’ll notice if your septic tank is not working properly. If you smell rotten eggs in your backyard, where the septic tank is, or inside your house, coming from the pipes, then you should definitely inspect your septic tank, which leads us to the next step. 
Inspect the Water Level – If the water level is lower than the septic tank outlet, then the pipe that connects your house to the septic tank may be clogged. If the water level is higher than the outlet, then the problem may be directly within the tank, but it could also be something more complex.
In that case, you should schedule an emergency septic tank pumping, so that you can easily identify the cause of the problem and find the right solution.
If upon inspecting the septic tank you find that the water-filled its drain field, don’t pump it, because the pipes may break. Don’t try anything on your own, but ask an experienced professional to come by and inspect the situation, as they will know exactly what to do.

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