It’s Time to Call Emergency Septic Service Greer South Carolina

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It’s Time to Call Emergency Septic Service Greer South Carolina

Septic systems are not as simple as they seem. Knowing when to call an emergency septic service Greer South Carolina can be confusing, so we’ve created this guide for you.

The first step in knowing when and how to call an emergency septic service is understanding what a septic system does. A properly maintained septic tank doesn’t require much maintenance at all, but there are some things that could happen which may prevent it from working correctly.

If your home has a septic tank, then you should know the signs of trouble before it becomes too late and costly repairs become necessary. We hope this guide helps!

A sudden decrease in water pressure

When the water pressure suddenly drops off, you know that it’s time to call an emergency septic service!

When your septic tank backs up and sends waste into an underground pipe line from which all of your household plumbing is fed, this means there may be some serious issues for both health and home-ownership. A sudden decrease in water pressure should always raise suspicion as something must have caused the flow of sewage through pipes to slow down or stop entirely. That can mean any number of things like clogs with tree roots growing around them or even damage done by aggressive drilling techniques being performed on nearby pipelines.

Slow or stopped flow of sewage from the drain outside

Sometimes pipes will clog and leak due an accumulation of food particles or grease that are not carried away by water moving through them.

It’s easy enough to clean this up yourself if you keep tabs on when things start backing up in your system but sometimes they’ll get so backed-up that there won’t be any other option than for professional help!

The toilet bowl smells bad, even after it's been cleaned

One of the most important signs that your septic system is in trouble and needs to be fixed as soon as possible are yellow stains near the toilet or sink. This means there’s a high chance for bacteria growth, which can lead to illness if not dealt with quickly!

When you notice these telltale signs that something could be wrong with your house’s plumbing, it might seem like a septic emergency has just happened—and this may actually be true! If left untreated, small problems will only grow worse over time into expensive ones.

Unusual noises coming from your septic tank

A septic emergency is the worst time to enjoy nature. If you are lucky enough not to have suffered from one, then your only clue that something might be wrong will come in the form of strange noises coming from your tank; usually a bubbling noise or loud sloshing like waves crashing against rocks on shoreline. The first thing you should do when experiencing this problem is find out if anyone else nearby has had an issue with their system and see what they did about it, as well as contacting professionals for advice before any more damage can occur!

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