How to Prepare for Septic Tank Pumping and Regular Septic Service

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How to Prepare for Septic Tank Pumping and Regular Septic Service

Septic tank pumping is the process of removing septic waste from a septic tank. Greer, South Carolina has many septic service providers to choose from, but you should make sure that your septic company offers these services before signing with them: septic tank pumping and septic system maintenance. Septic tanks need to be pumped out as often as every year for smaller homes and up to three times per year for larger homes. You can prepare by making a plan in advance so that you know what will happen when it’s the time!

Preparing for your septic tank pumping and regular septic service

Septic tank pumping is necessary for septic tanks and septage systems to work properly. A septic system needs regular septic service, which includes the removal of waste from your septic tank every few years. 

In order to prepare for your septic pumping or any regular septic service, it is important that you clear away any debris that may be surrounding your septic system. During a cleaning, the cover of the tank will be removed so the technician can assess the tank and pump the contents out. Any yard debris that falls into the tank during this process can catastrophically damage your septic components. Particularly in spring, which is often a time when septic systems need extra attention, it is important to pick up any leaves or twigs that may have fallen during heavy storms.

Mulch is particularly harmful to septic systems, and many homeowners make the mistake of laying mulch around or near the septic system. Be sure mulch has been cleared away from the area surrounding the septic system. When landscaping around your septic tank, we always recommend using stones as a septic-safe alternative to mulch.

Have you noticed any of the telltale signs it’s time to have your septic tank pumped? Contact us today to schedule a service visit!

What happens during septic pumping?

The septic tank is pumped to remove debris, sludge, and scum. This septic pumping service includes inspection of the septic system for any signs of damage or leaks. The septic tanks are disinfected with an EPA-approved substance that kills bacteria while preserving natural organisms in soil able to decompose organic substances on their own. 

The sepsis pit will be emptied and cleaned from any solids within it so that all of the wastewater can flow through easier without clogging up the pipes inside your home. 

Any buildup on top of the septic’s mounds or sludge near them will also be removed and disposed of with as well. 

Quick Guide to Choosing Septic Tank Pumping Companies

What are the signs that my system needs to be pumped or serviced?

When septic tank pumping is needed, homeowners may notice that their septic system does not flow as quickly or easily. There are a variety of other signs which indicate the septic system should be serviced: 

  • A foul smell coming from outside near the septic tank lid 
  • Excess sediment in the bottom of the toilet bowl 
  • Slow drains or clogged toilets (usually only one at a time)
  • Grease buildup on kitchen and bathroom floors after heavy use by guests – Wet spots under your sink when you touch any water lines attached to it

*It’s important to have your septic tank pumped once every three years for maintenance purposes. 

The specialists at SC Septic provide septic tank pumping in Greer, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We also offer a variety of other services such as septic inspection, emergency septic service, septic cleaning, and maintenance. Take the first step in diagnosing your needs by calling our helpful staff at (864) 395-5539 or request a service online.


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