Barnyard Flea Market: It's Not Just One Thing

Barnyard Flea Market: It's Not Just One Thing

The barnyard flea market is a special place in the middle of nowhere. There are vendors selling all sorts of different things, and it’s not just one thing that you can find there. For example, there are spaces for vendors to rent on-site; if you have something to sell, this is an excellent opportunity! The barnyard flea market also has some food options: don’t forget to grab lunch while you’re here! Finally, as long as you have time before sunset, take advantage of the Barnyard Flea Market’s many things to do. Come and find out what you can find in Barnyard Flea Market.  

Why do people go to Barnyard Flea Market?

People go to the Barnyard Flea Market for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy finding that one unique thing they can’t find anywhere else.  Others simply love the feeling of rummaging through piles and piles of things on their hunt for hidden treasures. Some go for food, drinks, and entertainment. There are also a wide variety of vendors who sell an array of goods from clothing to jewelry to crafts. Barnyard Flea Market is perfect for the person looking for something new in their life or just wanting some weekend fun with friends. Barnyard Flea Market is also known as “the most insane shopping experience” because it’s not just one thing- you find vendors of all different kinds with everything from furniture and clothes to antiques. The barns are filled up with goods too so there is plenty of space for browsing as well!

About Barnyard Flea Market

For over 20 years, the barnyard’s fun family-friendly atmosphere has attracted thousands of shoppers. Each one of our markets showcases over 500 vendor spaces offering more items than you can imagine and plenty of bargains. For your shopping convenience, we provide paved parking, wide aisles, clean centrally located restrooms, restaurants, and snack bars.

Every day offers something new to discover at the barnyard – whether it is to browse, shop, snack, or socialize we invite you to bring your family this weekend

Things you might see at Barnyard Flea Market

  • Antiques 
  • Collectibles 
  • Artwork and paintings 
  • Jewelry (gold, silver) 
  • Crafts of all types. Pottery, woodworking. Metalworking on site! Jewelry made to order! Quilts handmade in barnyard flea market area by quilters from around the world; antique dolls from many countries for sale also. You won’t be able to resist browsing through all the great stuff! You name it they have it available

What's not allowed at the Barnyard Flea Market?

No weapons and firearms. No alcoholic beverages. No pets (other than service animals) besides horses on the farm or in the pasture area. No children under 12 years old in this barn except for supervised groups with arrangements made ahead of time. Everyone must wear closed-toe shoes if they’re entering barns that contain livestock or hayloft areas…and no smoking inside any barn! 

Some tips for finding good deals at these events - be sure to look in every nook and cranny!

One of the best things about flea markets is that you can often find some great deals! Here are a few tips to help you get those good buys:

• Always be on the lookout for items with relatively low prices. You don’t have to buy them, but it never hurts to see how much they cost. 

• Take your time when looking at an item and make sure it’s not damaged or broken in any way before buying it. Sometimes dealers will try to sell something as if nothing was wrong with it; tell them exactly what you’re worried about so they know where the problem is located, then ask again whether they’ll still sell it to you.  

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